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3-4 years in decoding ability after 120 hours of intensive instruction (sometimes less depending on the student)

2-3 years gain in language comprehension after 120 hours of intensive instruction (sometimes less depending on the student)

After 120 hours of instruction (sometimes less depending on the student) using these programs high school students typically average 3-5 grade levels of growth in reading and reading comprehension.  Middle school and Elementary school students typically average 2-3 years improvement

Remember that our clinic is very different from tutoring.  Tutoring is simply reteaching material that a student failed to learn the first time it was presented.  The hope is that the material will "stick" the second time.  It is easy to tell if tutoring will work for your child.  If you have ever repeated school assignments at home and he/she immediately got it and needed no more help, tutoring will be successful.  But, if a second or third explanation did not solve the problem, there is an underlying skill weakness that tutoring cannot correct and Reading Solutions Raleigh can solve the underlying issues.

**Note that these are average results - some students may learn more quickly or more slowly than others
"my daughter received all A's on her report card and has been accepted into the 'gifted' program at her school as a result of your work with her.  Thank you"  - North Raleigh Parent

Some comments from parents here in the Raleigh area:  

"My son is now reading with ease and it is a pleasure to hear him - thank you so much" - Holly Springs Parent
"The reading improvement was significant and observable, not just by me but also by the reading specialist at school....  Nothing else we tried has produced a jump in skills like this did..."
"My son did LMB's Visualizing and Verbalizing program at one of their centers when he was five.  It was an excellent program for him and his receptive language and comprehension skyrocketed afterwards.  Before he was somewhere in the 20th or 30th percentile in comprehension, after LMB he was something like the 80th percentile..."
My son made so much progress over the summer working with you, my only regret is that we moved away.  You made concessions as to where we met and we were able to meet on a regular basis.  After checking with a LB center, we discovered your rates are excellent.  What you guys can teach is absolutely a gift - I hope you can help many more children.  Dunn, North Carolina
My son went to bed last night and wandered out of his room 30 minutes later saying he wanted to share something.  He said "Something amazing happened to me today at school.  I made a Phyllis & Steve connection with my teacher today.  I was working hard to read some words and suddenly I was just able to do it because of Phyllis & Steve.  Everything fit together and made sense."  I cannot thank you enough.  Chapel Hill, North Carolina
​Our son is a recent arrival in America from Southeast Asia.  When he arrived he was many years behind his peers in reading.  He is a wonderful boy but had difficulty reading and forming certain English sounds (ie. Sh as in shout).  The professionals at Reading Solutions Raleigh did an outstanding job helping him to reach his reading goals and master the unfamiliar English sounds so unfamiliar to him.  We would highly recommend Reading Solutions Raleigh to anyone seeking solutions for a reading or pronunciation issue.
​Thank you for working with my grandson.  We are so pleased, the in-depth testing you conducted was much more informative about his abilities & issues than any of the testing he had previously undergone.  The personalized instruction you provided was a winner for him.  We are very likely to want him to work with you next summer.  Raleigh, North Carolina
You guys have been able to reach our son when no one else could.  By teaching him to read using LIPS, you have changed his entire life and I can't thank you enough for hanging in there,  I know the progress was slow, but it finally happened.  Pittsboro, North Carolina​
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