Reading Solutions Raleigh


Pre Diagnostic Testing is administered before services are recommended, and after program is completed.



 A Lindamood Bell program that focuses on developing auditory conceptual functioning.  This results in significant improvement in reading and spelling.
A Lindamood Bell program that stimulates students to visualize, comprehend and organize language into clear organized thoughts.  This includes spoken or written language.
These programs all work on underlying cognitive weaknesses or strengths - depending on the student.  They build integration within the brain between the auditory, visual, tactile-kinesthetic and the processing parts of the brain that analyze, evaluate and integrate all sensory information.  This program is 'Brain Training' at the sensory and processing areas of the brain.

Additional programs in Spelling and Comprehension for those who need remedial assistance.  For grade level students, we can help accelerate and improve higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). Our speech lessons for children are proven to advance their speaking abilities.
Group size can be tailored from 1 student to 2-5 students per consultant.