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READING SOLUTIONS RALEIGH was created to meet the needs of those students who are experiencing difficulty in learning to read, comprehend or spell. Additionally, students who wish to accelerate their skills are also welcome.  We are an intensive clinic for those who have not been successful in other programs, or those who wish to improve their higher order thinking skills.



Students are unable to read and spell words accurately. They may have been labeled "dyslexic", "learning disabled" or ADHD. Although they see letters correctly, they cannot detect and correct errors when they read and spell. Additionally, these students may show weakness in reading comprehension, memory for information, and following directions. 
Decoding Errors:  "steam" for "stream"; "imagination" for "immigration; "claps" for "clasp"
Spelling Errors:  "gril" for "girl"; "equepment" for "equipment"
Inaccurate Pronunciation:  "death" for "deaf"; "flustrated" for frustrated
 Comprehension Errors: After reading a paragraph, cannot remember what it was about or answer simple questions about it.



Using Lindamood Bell methods stimulates the ability to verify sounds within words and enables individuals to be self-correcting in reading and spelling.
Remembering what is contained in a sentence, paragraph, or page of text requires that students be taught how to use their brain to reinforce what they are reading - Brain Training.  Teaching students how to visualize information is the key to increasing comprehension, verbal fluency and written communication. Our reading instructors for reading are top-of-the-line.

Lindamood Bell was first introduced in California in the early 1970's.  It has been used for nearly 40 years in classrooms, clinics, hospitals and countries worldwide. 
The power of these programs is found in the focus on the primary source of sensory information that identifies phonemes and sound sequencing as well as the language processing/imaging the brain uses to produce information.  These research-based procedures have been further verified and refined in clinical and classroom use for nearly 40 years.
When parents or advocates sue school districts because their child/client failed to learn how to read or remember what they read, many are placed in clinics throughout the US using these methods.

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